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CanWest DHI is the primary source for milk recording services from Ontario to British Columbia. We offer complete flexibility in selection of recording services that are right for you. From unsupervised to fully supervised options, producers can select a testing package that will meet their herd management needs and fit with their schedules.

We’ve tested millions of milk samples in our three laboratories over the years. Our Standards Council of Canada certified laboratories test samples for fat, protein, somatic cell count (SCC), and milk urea nitrogen (MUN). We also offer health testing on milk samples for pregnancy, ketosis, clinical mastitis, johne’s, leukosis, etc.

Manage What you Measure

Milk recording is tool for dairies to improve herd profitability and efficiency. The results from your herds’ milk sampling is tabulated and translated into reports that enables you to visualize and track the progress of both individual animals and your whole herd. With this information, you can then answer important questions like, which cows are your most profitable? Which cows cost the most money? Which cow has repeatedly high SCC? Using your herd data, you can then make more fully informed management decisions and reach your herd goals more quickly.

Why Milk Record?

  • Improve management information: Both herd and cow performance is measured through testing. This can help you make the best decisions on culling, breeding, feeding, heifer replacements, quota management, etc.
  • Reduce SCC and increase udder health: Easily identify and isolate cows with elevated SCC and repeatedly high bulk tank SCC contribution.
  • Access to variety of health and disease testing: Quickly and efficiently test for multiple diseases from a single milk sample allowing for peace of mind and much less stress on the cows.
  • Increase herd value: Determine which animals are the most profitable based on their milk yields and components.
  • Support for culling decisions: Use milking data to determine which cows are costing you the most money.
  • Quickly find open cows: Using your regular milk sample, cows can be tested for pregnancy as early as 28 days, saving you time and money.


Selecting Your Service Package

Answering these four questions can help you determine which service package is right for you; Do my objectives include eligibility of records for Publication by Breed Associations or strictly for herd management? What frequency of tests is right for me? Do I want 24 hour or AM/PM? Do I want DHI staff to collect samples or do I want to do it myself?

herd recording

24 Hour or AM/PM?

  1. 24 Hour
    1. Proportionate milk samples from each milking animal.
    2. Milk weights and herd event data recorded at all milkings during a 24 hour period.
  2. AM/PM (AP)
    1. Milk sample from each milking animal.
    2. Milk weights and herd event data from one milking recorded, alternating between AM and PM milking each test date.
    3. Use of CMRB timing device mandatory for Publishable records.

3-Times Per Day Milking
Accommodations can be made for customers who are milking either individual cows, small numbers, or the entire herd on 3 times a day schedule.

Milk Meter Rental
This rental service is an alternative to purchasing and maintaining a set of your own meters.

Paper or Digital
CanWest DHI provides three different ways to receive your herd reports. Based on your workflow preference or cost, you can also choose to receive them in multiple formats.

  • Paper reports: Copies of your reports are mailed after each test.
  • Internet reports: Access your reports through the handy web portal login to view, save or print.
  • Mobile DHI: Allows you to take your herd reports on the go, 24/7! Works with Apple or Android devices. A monthly user fee applies with discounts for multiple users.

Procedures and guidelines associated with publishable lactations and/or genetic evaluations in Canada are determined by the Industry Standards Committee of CDN. Please follow the links below for details on these Standards:

Industry Standards (English)

Industry Standards (French)

DHI fee calculator

Fee Calculator

Wondering what the cost of DHI will be? Simply click on your province and fill in all the data fields to approximately determine your annual fees. For more information on options, please contact customer service at 1-800-549-4373.

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Sample Herd Reports

Breed Management Report
BVD Report (Herd Summary)
BVD Report (Cow Summary)
BVD Factsheet
Certificate of Production (Cow Profile)
Cow Income Monitor (Landscape)
Cow Income Monitor (Portrait)
Cow Management Report (Cow Monitor)
Cow Management Report (Cow Summary)
Genetic Herd Inventory
Herd Management Report (Herd Monitor)

Herd Management Report (Herd Summary)
HotSheet Report Exception List
Johnes Report (Herd Screening Summary)
Johnes Report (Cow Screening)
Johnes Factsheet
Ketoscreen (Sub-clinical ketosis Herd Screening)
Leukosis Report (Herd Summary)
Leukosis Report (Cow Summary)
Leukosis Factsheet
Mastitis4 Factsheet
Milk Urea Nitrogen (Herd Summary)
Milk Urea Nitrogen (Cow Summary)
SCC Herd Report Summary (Portrait)
SCC Herd Report Summary (Landscape)
SCC Report Management List (Landscape)
SCC Report Management List (Portrait)
SCC Report Cow Summary

Sample Annual Reports

Annual Herd Management Factsheet
Annual Herd Management
Annual Production Summary Factsheet
Annual Production Summary
Health Herd Summary Factsheet
Health Herd Summary
Herd Management Score Factsheet (British Columbia)
Herd Management Score Factsheet (Prairies)
Herd Management Score Factsheet (Ontario)
Herd Management Score
Profitability Factsheet
Profitability (Cow)
Profitability (Herd)
Reproduction Herd Summary

Daisy Information
Optional Information

For more information on this or other CanWest DHI products and services, please call our Customer Service Desk, toll free at 1-800-549-437


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