DairyComp includes a module that automates the recording and reporting requirements for animal Traceability as required by the proAction program. This module completely simplifies meeting Traceability requirements on farm. With the Trace module, take the guesswork out of knowing which births and movements have been reported, keep historical Traceability data saved all in one place, and ensure that your records are safe and backed up.

How to use the Traceability Module

Treatments & Protocols

View Entering Protocols & Treatment in DairyComp 305 to get the following information on:

  • Creating a protocol
  • Entering treatment information
  • Viewing treatment history
  • Adding details to a protocol
  • Treatment protocols involving a combination of drugs

We have compiled the responses to many of the most commonly asked questions in reference to proAction treatments and protocols. View the fact sheet here.

Please contact DairyComp support at 1-800-549-4373 to download proAction module. 

Please note: The proAction module is only available in English.

Culture & Mastitis4 Coding

Culture results from Mastitis4 testing can be loaded into DairyComp for analysis. For an explanation of the results, and suggestions for evaluation, please follow the link below that corresponds with your program or use. 

Culture & Mastitis4 Coding for DairyComp

Culture & Mastitis4 Coding for Vets

Culture & Mastitis4 Cross References

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