DairyComp FAQ

What are the computer requirements for DairyComp?
DairyComp is available for Windows operating systems only.  It is recommended to install on Windows 7 or greater to ensure the software and operating system are supported properly. Ideally the computer should have a minimum of 2 GB of RAM.

I am interested in purchasing DairyComp, but what is the difference between DairyComp LS and DairyComp 305?
Both DairyComp LS (‘limited size’) and DairyComp 305 have the same program capabilities and features with the exception of how many animals can be stored in the program. DairyComp LS has the data capacity to store information on up to a maximum of 150 adult animals, plus 180 active heifers, while DairyComp 305 has unlimited data capacity for Canadian dairy herds.

Can I use DairyComp for animals other than dairy cows?
Yes, while the program features focus on targeting dairy producers, DairyComp can be customized and adapted for use with other livestock such as beef cattle, dairy goats and sheep.

I’m an organic dairy producer. How can DairyComp suit my needs?
DairyComp is a completely customizable program that can record and keep track of events related to organic management practices. DairyComp can also produce some inventory tracking reports that are required of organic dairy producers.

What does my DairyComp purchase include? What does my monthly support fee cover?
Your software purchase includes installation and setup up of DairyComp, along with initial training on the use of the software. We offer a 3-month trial in which support fees are waived during that period (not applicable to milking or activity interface installs). If you are not satisfied with the program at the end of the trial, you will only be charged a $195 installation fee to cover the time spent to install the software and the initial training on software use. 

Your monthly support fee includes all phone, internet and on-farm support in which our DairyComp Support team can assist you with technical support, user training and customized set up of your DairyComp program. DairyComp continues to evolve and add new features to help users better manage herd data or comply with data requirements of the dairy industry programs like ProAction. Monthly support fees cover these program updates in which users have access to at any time via a download over the internet or an installation from a CD.

How does the billing work?
DairyComp carries an up-front license purchase including installation and training, and a monthly support and update fee that ensures the owner of the software is always at the most current software version with all the enhancements and benefits as they are developed and released. Producers are invoiced for support semi-annually and Advisors are invoiced monthly.

Is there a mobile app?
Yes, Pocket Cow Card (PCC) is available for DairyComp users and is compatible with Android phones exclusively. PCC versions allows the users to have current herd data at their fingertips at all times. Depending on your needs of a mobile app, there are three versions of PCC available: read-only (view your DairyComp data on your phone), read-write (view and enter in data on your phone), read-write-scan (requires a RFID scanner to identify animals so you can enter and view data quickly). The read-only version is available for Scout users.

I have a third party milking and/or activity system that I would like to communicate with my DairyComp program. What are the benefits of interfacing the two programs?
Time is of great value to many producers who find it hard to find enough hours in the day to get their work done. When interfacing DairyComp with your third party milking or activity system, data entry is done solely in DairyComp in which repro-related events are sent to the milking or activity software multiple times per day, eliminating the need for double data entry. Also, DairyComp imports milking session/activity data from the milking or activity system, allowing you access to milking-related data including daily milk yields, or activity-related information. This data can then be used in DairyComp to generate reports or lists which can help you to make important management decisions, such as a potential cull list due to low milk production.

If I purchase a farm with an existing DairyComp program, can I take over that license?
A DairyComp license belongs to the individual who purchased the software and not the farm, so the license can not be transferred with the farm to the new owner.

I use DairyComp to manage my herd that is situated in two separate locations. What are my options of accessing my data at the second location?
We have a couple options for producers that manage their animals in different locations. If you are looking to simply view data in DairyComp at the other site, a Shadow licence would be ideal. However, if you wish to enter in data at the second location, DairyComp Client acts as a ‘second’ DairyComp and automatically updates your DairyComp cowfile at the main location over a shared network. Remote desktop software could also be another option for accessing your data at a separate location from your DairyComp computer.

What if my needs change in the future? Can I change my purchase or upgrade my version?
Scout users can upgrade to DairyComp if you are requiring a more customizable program, or to make entering of treatments easier, or to track ProAction Traceability records. If you currently have DairyComp Limited Size and are approaching the program’s herd limit size of 150 adult animals, upgrading to the unlimited version is as simple as phoning our DairyComp Support team and indicating you would like to upgrade to DairyComp 305. Furthermore, if you are a DairyComp user and would like to interface with an already-existing or future third party milking and/or activity system, this can also be arranged. Costs associated with upgrading will vary depending on the type of software upgrade and/or interface implementation.

Is my DairyComp data secure?
To ensure your DairyComp data is secure, we recommend running daily backups of your data to be saved to either an external USB stick, or to Cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive. In case of hard drive failure on your DairyComp computer, you will have access to a recent backup of your data to avoid having to re-enter a large volume of data.

Can my advisors have access to my data?
Advisors such as nutritionists and veterinarians can access your data with your permission only. Advisors may ask you for your contact and PIN number which would allow them access to your data, or they may have you sign a data release form that is sent to Lactanet Canada where we will add them to your list of permitted advisors. Advisors will not be granted access to your data by Lactanet without written or verbal consent and can be removed from your access list at any time by contacting Lactanet.

If I need help with software, what ways do you provide assistance?
Our DairyComp Support department is available to provide users with knowledgeable and customer-friendly service for your DairyComp program from Monday to Friday 8 am-5pm EST by calling our toll-free number 1-800-549-4373. Additionally, you can email the support line at dc@lactanet.ca and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The DairyComp Support team assists our customers either remotely by using a program called TeamViewer to access your computer (internet connection required), or by arranging for an on-farm visit (travel costs may apply).


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