Getting Started

Interested in DairyComp? To get started, simply fill in our Request Form and one of our DairyComp Support team members will be in touch with you shortly. If you’re not sure which version is right for you one of our team members will happily guide you through the selection process to determine the best plan for you.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ page.

Team Viewer

TeamViewer is a handy computer software for remote control and desktop sharing. With a secure connection setup between two devices, one of our team members can remotely control your device as if they were sitting directly in front of it. This can be really helpful for times when you need hands on support, but do not want to wait for an in-person visit. TeamViewer is safe to use and requires password login to access your device.

Download TeamViewer

Tips & Tricks

DairyComp Tips & Tricks was a short newsletter designed to keep customers informed of product updates, company announcements and new tools available. Going forward, we will be providing this information in tutorial video format, emails, and in the ‘Resources’ section of this DairyComp page. To read up on past issues, click on the links below:

February 2017

  1. How to Ensure Accuracy in DairyComp
  2. Year End Summaries

December 2016

  1. Monitoring Your Management Plan
  2. Bulk Tank Report
  3. Managing NLID Tag Numbers
  4. Emailing Reports

September 2016

  1. Using DairyComp to Monitor Herd Production
  2. Pro$ in DairyComp
  3. LPI information in DairyComp

February 2015

  1. Value of Accurate Health Records
  2. Creating Protocols
  3. Remote Support
  4. Using iLOOP to Download Test Day Data
  5. Submitting ERAs

Fall 2014

  1. Analyzing Udder Health
  2. Weekly Conception Rate Analysis
  3. Understanding the Calf Report
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