Celebrating 20 Years of DairyComp in Canada

20 years have passed since CanWestDHI introduced the DairyComp software suite of products to the Canadian dairy industry. DHI is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the software which is Canadian Quality Milk program approved. Ranked the #1 herd management software in North America, DairyComp has proven to be an excellent choice for producers and advisors alike.



“Since the first on-farm install in 1997, customers have increased dramatically to a total of 1,365 herds in Canada and that number continues to climb”, says Richard Cantin of CanWest DHI. Almost 50% of DHI cows are managed by DC. It’s used extensively by herd advisors as well. Each month, advisors download approximately 2,000 herd files in order to stay current with their customers and help them to make better management decisions.

DairyComp was designed and developed by Valley Agricultural Software (VAS) in Tulare, CA, by Dr. Steve Eicker and Connor Jamieson. Originally developed for quick creation of herd health lists and results tracking, DairyComp has since evolved to become an instrumental management tool on dairy farms. Fitting well with DHI’s vision to ‘provide products that maximize sustainable net income of progressive dairy herds’, DairyComp excels in offering completely customizable data recording and analysis features to measure all aspects of herd performance.

Progress over the Years
Certainly, DairyComp is quite different than 20 years ago and has evolved to stay current with Canadian producer’s needs and the changing dairy industry. DairyComp has undergone several upgrades to continue to be compatible in today’s dynamic digital environment.  Some of the other major modernizations include: Pro$ and LPI indexes, French version, CQM compliance, Electronic registration, interfaces with many 3rd party systems, mobile app with read and write functions, RFID feature, and Traceability module.

Team Approach Continues
One of DairyComp’s key strengths is in its’ provision of a common platform for producers, advisors and DHI. The efficiency of data flow between the DHI processing centre and industry partners has allowed for a ‘team approach’ to making important herd management decisions.

“From graphing changes in metabolic events to digging deeper into effects of reproduction protocol changes; it is a tool that all our advisers use to help us”.

Ben Loewith, Summitholm Holsteins

Wayne Shewfelt, DVM, a vet advisor for Tavistock Veterinarians, finds DairyComp to be very important for staying timely and current with herd test results. Their clinic uses DairyComp to monitor their client’s herds, review production, reproduction, milk quality, transition and young stock performance. “DairyComp allows us to be prepared prior to our herd visit…so we are able to monitor and be aware of the herds we work in”, Shewfelt said.


Ben Loewith of Summitholm Holsteins also highlights DairyComp’s importance to his management team. “We use DC on a day-to-day basis” he says, “From graphing changes in metabolic events to digging deeper into effects of reproduction protocol changes; it is a tool that all our advisors use to help us”.

Complete Flexibility
Another pillar of DairyComp’s success lies in its ability to be tailored to each individual farm because no two farms are alike. Cees Haanstra of Greiden Farms appreciates the ability to completely customize the program to his own herd. “Each farmer can determine how much information they want- it’s completely up to them”, he says.

Greiden Farms started with Scout in 1998 and upgraded to DairyComp as his needs on the dairy farm changed. Today, he can’t imagine not having it. “Every farm needs to have this software”, Cees states, “Every single morning we sit down and work with DairyComp”.

Focusing on the Future
DairyComp support staff continues to work with farmers to get them set up, teach them to use its various features and provide maintenance and upgrades as the program evolves. This level of support is part of DHI’s commitment to exceptional customer service. Having a great product is one thing, but making sure if works for the customer is really what matters.

Cantin concludes “We believed 20 years ago that we were bringing the right product to our customers, and as we look back, we’re as confident as ever that we made the right decision.  We’re looking forward to the next 20 years.”

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